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Best Wheel Locks 2020 – Locking Lug Nuts and Clamps to Stop Thieves

Stepping outside and finding your vehicle missing its tires would be nothing short of devastating. You’ve heard of it happening to others, but I’m sure would be totally unprepared – and shocked – if it happened to you.

We’re here to help save you from ever having to experience this firsthand, with our detailed guide to the best wheel locks.

Close up of locking wheel nut on a car

Wheel theft is on the rise, and the burglars are getting bold. But don’t panic. Hopefully, you haven’t experienced this yet, and with our help, you never will. Using our handy buyer’s guide, you can take control of the situation and ward off theft before it happens.

In this article, we discuss how car wheel locks work, and why you should consider having them. We also cover the different types of locks available, and what to consider when making a purchase.

Finally, we share our recommendations for some of the best products available on the market today.

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What are Wheel Locks?

Wheel locks are external vehicle accessories designed to keep thieves from stealing the wheels from your car. Simply put, these devices literally lock the wheels directly onto the car, to prevent them from being stolen.

Some feature lug nuts that lock your wheels in place and can only be opened using a specially patterned key. Others clamp down your tire rendering it immobile. In any case, they make it impossible to remove the wheels and tires, and in some cases renders the whole car immobile.

Some not only prevent the wheels from being stolen, but the whole vehicle as well. They signal to thieves that your car is not a target. One look, and a potential burglar or vandal will realize that messing with your vehicle will be a waste of time.

So please do note, the ‘wheel locks’ discussed in this guide are for the 4 wheels on the oputsid eof your car, not for locking the steering wheel. You can check out this guide if you’re interested in the best steering wheel locks.

Why Would You Want Them

I bet you would never leave your car out on the street without locking it, right? It’s a valuable asset, and nobody wants to have their vehicle or its contents stolen.

But what about the parts on the outside? Don’t these deserve protection too? It’s not something most people tend to think about–but you should.

There are a few distinct advantages to locking your wheels. These include deterrence, theft prevention, and potentially saving both time and money.

Deter Would-Be Thieves

Most car thieves work very fast and can make off with car wheels quickly. They are appealing because they’re usually easy to remove and then sell. The stolen wheels then find their way into dealerships that specialize in used parts, or to online and black markets.

It’s difficult to prove tires and rims have been stolen and even harder for law enforcement to track them down. This is because they don’t usually come with any form of tracking or identification. Once your wheels have been stolen, you’re unlikely to ever see them again.

States such as Michigan have legislation that requires dealers to obtain and maintain records of anyone selling them used tires or rims. They are also required to make payments using checks, direct deposits, electronic transfers, money orders or bank drafts. This provides a paper trail for law enforcement to pursue, and deters thieves.

However, these laws don’t address online or black market sales which are huge. So even with safeguards like this in place, spare parts are still a huge illegal market. When thieves see locks on your wheels, they are less likely to tamper with them in the first place.

Saving Time

If you do end up the victim of tire theft, you now have a few major hassles to deal with. Depending on where your car is parked, you might have to move it to a safe or legal spot. You certainly don’t want the added headache of parking tickets on top of everything else.

Once your car is somewhere safe, your headache still isn’t over. You’ll now have to deal with getting to a dealership or tire shop to replace the stolen parts. I’m sure none of this is in the least bit appealing, is it? A simple product can save you from this hassle.

Saving Money

Whether for performance or aesthetic purposes, people spend a ton of money on their tires and accessories. This includes anything from customized alloys to aluminum wheels. While this increases the value of your car, it also makes it more susceptible to theft.

Now, why would you want to spend all that money only to lose these accessories to thieves? Locks can provide peace of mind by keeping the wheels secure. This way, you will sleep better, and be able to enjoy your ride without worry.

Even if you haven’t purchased specialty tires, the basic ones that come with most vehicles still cost money. Whatever type you have on your car, if they’re stolen you’ll now need to replace them. Whether high end or entry level, this is an unnecessary and avoidable expense.

Most of the locks themselves are relatively cheap, and you’re better off spending money on them rather than replacing tires. If the thieves make away with all four tires–and they usually will–you will be set back quite a bit financially.

Do we think they’re necessary? Absolutely.

How Many Should You Buy?

In most cases, these locks come in packs of four including a unique key. You replace one lug nut on every wheel with a lock. Some manufacturers provide a set of 20 locks which allow you to replace all lug nuts on all four tires. Either set will provide security for your car.

Most wheels have five lug nuts, and on some smaller cars there may only be four.

A set that includes 20 will cover all of the lug nuts on almost any vehicle. This is a great choice for those who feel particularly protective of their wheels.

It also means that all of your lug nuts will match. This is important if you value the look of your car and want to do more than just protect the components. If you’re thinking about replacing all of your lug nuts with locks, go for the set of 20. This is definitely easier than buying four different sets of locks.

The latter may result in a nightmarish experience if you need to unlock your tires. Four individual sets means four unique keys. You’ll probably have to test all four keys to find the right one. Also, the more keys you have, the higher your risk of misplacing one or more of them.

What Should You do if You Misplace the Key?

As mentioned earlier, lug nut locks come with a uniquely designed special key, which helps to curb theft. The only way the nut will open is if you use the correct key.

It’s important to keep this key safe, for when you need to change your tires.

Avoid storing it in the glove box since many thieves rummage through this section of your car. You can keep it safely at home, far from your vehicle. But if you prefer to have it on you in case of a flat, think about keeping it on your key ring, or in your bag.

So what happens if you do misplace the key? Don’t waste your time browsing through the internet for creative ways to unlock the locks. The best wheel locks are impossible to open without their original keys. This safety feature is for your own protection.

The best thing to do if you misplace this crucial part is to contact the manufacturer for a replacement. All original keys have a special code that contains the specs for your set. The code helps the manufacturer identify the key pattern and size of your lug nuts.

Without the code, the manufacturer will have a hard time replacing your key. So you want to make sure that you write down this number somewhere, preferably right after purchase. This point bears repeating: write down the code for your keys and store the information someplace safe.

Car-Theft Prevention Tips

We’d all love to think that no one is out to cause us harm. But the sad reality is, there are plenty of not-so-nice folks out there. As hard as it is to believe, there are people calculating how much they can make from selling your rims.

Here are some tips to help make it difficult for thieves to access your tires and rims:

First and foremost, use wheel locks to keep your vehicle safe. Naysayers may claim that these locks don’t work, but they won’t be the ones scratching their heads when the car is left lying on its belly. This is obviously our priority, given the topic of this article. But there are other things you can do as well.

Consider installing a car alarm if you don’t already have one. And not just any. You can get alarms equipped with sensors that attach to your vehicle’s wheels. These alarms will go off if anyone tries to mess with the wheels.

An added benefit of a car alarm system is it might also save you money on your auto insurance. So while it may be an upfront expense, it will be cost effective over time.

As much as possible, park your vehicle in a high-traffic area. This is particularly helpful if you don’t have a garage. When there are witnesses about, thieves and vandals tend to be a lot less daring. And even if they do try, high-traffic means someone might notice the ongoing theft and call for help.

This may sound obvious, but don’t leave any valuables in your car. You’d be surprised to learn how many people don’t realize that is is an invitation for theft. If you must, at least make sure they aren’t visible. For example, don’t leave your nice sunglasses on the dash, or your briefcase or laptop bag on the passenger seat.

Another useful tip is to park your car close to the curb, and turn the wheels inward. Thieves always look for an easy target. Vehicles whose wheels are too close to the curb will be hard to jack up because of the tight space. Similarly, turned wheels also present a challenge, and the thieves will likely move on.

If you don’t have a garage at home and need to park on the street, make friends with your neighbors. Who couldn’t use some extra friends and another set of protective eyes? The better they know you, the higher the chances of them noticing unusual activity around your car. They will be more likely to call you or the police.

Types of Wheel Locks

There are a few different types of wheel locks on the market, from small lug nuts to full wheel style clamps.

Which you should buy depends on a few factors such as your particular wheels and tires, how much of a deterrent you want, ease and speed of use and how much you care about overall aesthetics.

Let’s check out the main types.

Spline Drive

These locks feature a closed-end design that provides greater clamping force and allow for longer bolt lengths. They are suitable for small diameter lug holes usually found on aftermarket products.

These locks provide greater security and come in a range of colors that may improve your vehicle’s appeal.

Alloy Locks

These locks are made from solid alloy and will normally come with the car from the manufacturer. They have a specialty socket to remove the locks. You can obtain this socket directly from the manufacturer, or the dealership.

Clamp Lock

This type of lock is also known as a parking boot, Denver boot or wheel boot and works differently from the others above.

Rather than have nuts and keys, this safety kit is wrapped around the tire and locks it in place. This is the clamp type often used by police who need to lock cars that have excessive violations or tickets.

It has two things going for it. First, it’s painted bright yellow and red, making it visible to anyone passing by. This feature deters thieves who would of course rather remain unseen. Secondly, it protects the entire vehicle from theft. With the clamp on, it is virtually impossible to move the car.

The flip side is you’ll need to get on your knees whenever you want to fit or unlock the clamp. And it will need to be removed every time you want to drive your car.

Locking Lug Nut

These locks are fastened on the surface of the rim and feature unique ridges making them hard to open. As we’ve explained, they can only be opened using a unique key. These can replace one or all the lugs on the wheel depending on your preference.

Locking wheel nuts have a distinct advantage over the clamp locks described above. Unlike the boot which has to be removed every time you drive, with these you only install them once. You’ll only need to take them off if you’re doing work on your tires.

Some Useful Terms

Before we get into our detailed buyer’s guide, here are some common terms you’ll come across and need to know. Understanding what these mean will help ensure you get the right wheel lock for your car.

Wheel Studs

These refer to the threaded bolts you will see protruding through the holes on the wheels. The lug nuts are normally threaded into them.

The majority of the vehicles have four or five studs per wheel. Some SUVs, trucks or fans are an exception to this and can have up to eight studs.

Thread Size

Thread size or thread diameter refers to the measurement of the outside diameter of a wheel stud. These measurements are taken in either inches or millimeters. Some of the common thread sizes include 10mm, 12mm,14mm and 7/16”, 1/2”, 9/16” and 5/8”.

You can usually find your thread size in the owner’s manual for your car. If you don’t have one or can’t find the information, no worry. You can find a thread pitch gauge at your local hardware store. Alternatively, you can walk into the hardware store with your lug nut and test it on the bolts available.

Thread Pitch

Thread pitch refers to the distance between threads. Like thread size, it is expressed in either inches or millimeters.

Allow me to illustrate this using a lug nut whose thread pitch is 10mm x 1.5mm. This means that the stud diameter is 10mm while the distance from one thread to another is 1.5mm.

Seat Type

This refers to the area where the lug nut makes contact with the surface of the wheel. Some of the popular styles include acorn/tapered seat, flat seat, mag seat, and extended thread.

What to Look for When Buying

It’s time to look at some of the things you should keep in mind when shopping for locks.

The Right Type for Your Needs

Determine which lock works best for you. Do you want a tire clamp or would rather go for a lug nut lock for every tire? Perhaps you would rather replace all lug nuts with locks.

Some people prefer to have both clamps and locking lug nuts, for the most security. The choice is entirely up to you.

Durable Materials

With many locks available on the market, sometimes the only way to know their value is when they are put to the test. Unfortunately, losing your precious rims due to weak locks is not a test any of us wants to take.

Thieves carry all sorts of tools, from wrenches to hammers and chisels. Go for locks made from solid metals like steel and titanium alloys since these can withstand abuse from thieves.

Additionally, good quality metals are rust and corrosion resistant. Since tires come into contact with chemicals and spills on roads and are subject to all lousy weather conditions, the wrong material locks will be vulnerable.

The Right Thread Size

We’ve explained what thread sizes are in the previous section. Ensure that the thread size on the lock that you intend to purchase is compatible with your car’s size.

If it’s too big then it will be loose, and won’t do the job it is intended to do. If it’s too small it obviously won’t be able to grip the stud.

Universal Fit or Specific Fit Keys

The only good reason I can think of for purchasing locks with universal keys is convenience. You can easily replace them if they get lost. But this comes with a high risk, and personally it’s not one that I think is worth taking.

Generic keys are easily available and unlock many models. The problem with that is a thief may also have a universal key. Your wheels might be gone in no time. Why go to the trouble of installing locks that can be easily opened?

Lock complexity is the difference between security or vulnerability. The more complex the pattern, the harder it will be to steal, and the safer your wheels will be.

For your peace of mind, look for and buy a product that has complex lock patterns and designs.


If you’re in an area that experiences a lot of car-related crime, having a wheel clamp may be a good option. Its bright colors make it highly visible and will likely deter thieves. Note that they will ruin the look of your custom alloy wheels, at least when your car is parked.

A locking wheel nut, on the other hand, offer invisible protection and don’t interfere with the aesthetic appeal of your car. This also means that thieves may attempt to take your wheels, until they realize that there is a lock.

Best Wheel Locks – a Detailed Look at Our Top Recommendations

You should now have a great understanding of the importance of locks and some specific things to consider.

To make your choice of picking a top product easier, we’ve rounded up and reviewed some of what we consider the best products on the market below.

Gorilla Automotive 61631 Acorn Gorilla Guard Locks

Gorilla Automotive 61631 Acorn Gorilla Guard Locks (12mm x 1.50 Thread Size) - Pack of 4

This well-known and reputable brand provides a variety of different locks to suit your needs. The 61631 Acorn, in particular, features a free spinning sleeve that protects the external security pattern from being tampered with.

Anyone trying to jam the socket or move any parts using conventional tools will find it impossible to do so. That’s because the sleeve will keep slipping away. The package contains four 60-degree conical seat locks, plus a key that is registered to you (the owner).

The locks have a narrow groove intended to enhance security. They are made using hardened steel and finished triple chrome, for both durability and a polished look.

Features and Specifications

  • Thread size: 12mm x 1.5.
  • Other size threads are also available.
  • Number of locks included: Four plus one key
  • Length: 1.50”.
  • Seat type: Conical seat.
  • Material: Hardened steel finished with triple chrome.
  • External security lock pattern.
  • Standout feature: Narrow grooves.

What We Like

  • Tamper-resistance clamshell packaging.
  • Comes with a personalized key code.
  • Attractive chrome finish.
  • Several thread sizes are available.

What We Don’t Like

  • Some users complain about rust.


Click to Learn More / Buy from Amazon


Mcgard 24157 Chrome Cone Seat Wheel Locks

McGard 24157 Chrome Cone Seat Wheel Locks (M12 x 1.5 Thread Size) - Set of 4

McGard is a heavy-weight in the wheel locks industry, and not without good reason. They use restricted steel made purposely for their products, which also meet OEM standards.

These wheel locks are triple plated with nickel and have an extra layer of microporous chrome. What do you have in the end? A premium product that is durable and can be relied on.

McGard’s use of technology provides unlimited key patterns which increase complexity and are crucial to security. You are assured that the unique key in your possession is the only one that can lock and unlock the nuts.

The locks feature narrow grooves which make it difficult for anyone to tamper with them. Additionally, they have user-friendly collars that guide the key into position making installation or removal quite easy.

Features and Specifications

  • Thread size: 12mm x 1.5
  • Number of locks included: Four plus one key.
  • Length: 1.28”
  • Seat type: Cone seat style.
  • Material: Steel with triple-nickel and chrome finish.
  • Standout feature: Special steel and narrow grooves.

What We Like

  • Premium quality.
  • Unlimited key patterns.
  • Tamper-free packaging.
  • Corrosion resistant.

What We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t come with a spare key.


Click to Learn More / Buy from Amazon


Dpaccessories Lcb3l2he-Bk04lk5 Black Key Locks

DPAccessories LCB3L2HE-BK04LK5 Black Wheel Locks 1/2-20 Closed End Bulge Acorn 3/4 & 13/16 Locking Lug Nuts Wheel Lock Set

If you’re looking for a solid wheel lock, then this is a great option for you. It is manufactured using cold forged, heat treated steel making it extremely strong and durable.

Most wheel locks are coated in shiny chrome, but this one makes an exception by going for cathodic black coating. It combines the durability of top quality chrome and the sleek sharp properties of satin black paint. You do, however, have the option of choosing a chrome-colored finish.

These closed-end bulge locks are designed with precision machined threads that ensure they fit perfectly on your wheel studs. They also feature multiple key-to-lock patterns which means that no two keys can work on the same locks.

You will be happy to know that this set comes with an extra lock that can be used on your spare tire. Plus, it comes with a record card where you can write down your key’s unique code for future reference.

Features and Specifications

  • Thread size: 1/2″- 20
  • Number of locks in the package: Five plus one key (also available with 4 locks).
  • Length: 1.39”.
  • Seat type: Conical seat.
  • Material: Steel with black satin paint.
  • Standout feature: Closed-end.

What We Like

  • Sleek black color.
  • Option for five locks instead of four.
  • Record keeping is made easy.
  • Precision threading for the perfect fit.

What We Don’t Like

  • Only comes with a single key.


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Trimax Tcl65 Wheel Chock Lock

Trimax TCL65 Wheel Chock Lock

Worried about leaving your car, trailer, boat, truck, or construction equipment unattended? You just might find your solution in this lock. The Trimax TCL65 is a clamp that also chocks the wheel to prevent trailers from rolling away.

It is made using heavy gauge, rugged steel that is powder coated to prevent corrosion. The red part of the clamp (the arms) is coated with rubber to protect your wheel’s finish. The clamp’s colorful finish makes it both a powerful visual and physical deterrent.

Installation is pretty easy, and you will find easy to follow instructions that will see your wheel secured in no time.

Features and Specifications

  • Number of included keys: 2.
  • Material: Heavy gauge rugged steel finished with powder coating.
  • Fits trailer wheels from eight to 15 inches.
  • Reach of 7.25”
  • Standout feature: Built-in chock to prevent rolling away.

What We Like

  • 2-in-1 safety product.
  • Installation is a breeze.

What We Don’t Like


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Coocheer Heavy-Duty Car Tire Wheel Lock

COOCHEER Heavy-Duty Car Tire Wheel Lock Anti-Theft Lock (Large)

Looking for the ideal bodyguard for your vehicle? This heavy-duty wheel lock may be a great option for you. Its bright color will be visible from far away. If that isn’t enough to deter thieves, its forbidding look and heavy-duty construction should be. For added safety, there’s an anti-theft needle built it.

It is made using heavy-duty steel, with a rust-proof coating that increases its durability. The clamp’s arms are wrapped with soft PVC to keep from scratching or damaging your wheels and rims. Additionally, its powerful grip prevents the tire from being tampered with, turned or removed.

This lock is ideal for all sorts of vehicles and has been designed to adjust to most tire sizes and rims comfortably. However, you will need to pay close attention to tire radiuses that are below 14”.

Features and Specifications

  • Number of included keys: 2.
  • Material: Heavy duty steel with a rust-resistant coating.
  • Standout feature: Anti-theft needle.

What We Like

  • Enhanced safety features.
  • Ideal for extended stays in the parking lot.
  • Universal applications.
  • Easy to operate.

What We Don’t Like

  • It is quite heavy, which may make it difficult to attach and remove.


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Zone Tech Heavy Duty Tire Clamp

Zone Tech Wheel Lock Security Tire Clamp Premium Quality Heavy Duty Anti- Theft Protective Metal Boot Stabilizer Vehicle Wheel Lock

Here is a paradox for you. This clamp is heavy duty yet light enough for you to carry around. It is made from high-quality ABS giving it superior strength and durability. It’s also coated with soft rubber to ensure that it does not do any damage to your wheels or rims.

The manufacturer had you in mind when designing the handle. The handle is soft coated to make it comfortable to handle and carry.

How does the clamp work? It wraps securely around the wheel of your vehicle to keep it from being tampered with or towed. It’s a great fit for many vehicles including motorcycles. You only need to adjust the fit to suit the size of your tire.

This clamp features striking yellow and red colors to deter thieves. It comes with two keys, which is always a plus. This way, if you lose one key, your plan B won’t have to involve using unorthodox ways to free the wheel.

Features and Specifications

  • Number of keys included: 2.
  • Material: ABS.
  • Standout feature: Comfort handle

What We Like

  • Portable.
  • Highly visible.
  • Universal applications.

What We Don’t Like

  • It may be too small for larger trucks.


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Tms Wheel Anti-Theft Lock Clamp

TMS Wheel Lock Clamp Boot Tire Claw Auto Car Truck Rv Boat Trailer Anti-Theft Towing

Looking for a great immobilizer that will keep your wheels from turning or rotating? This clamp will do just that. Built using weather-resistant steel, this heavy duty wheel lock can handle just about any vehicle you throw at it.

You can adjust it to fit most vehicles as well as golf carts, lawn mowers, small aircraft, and boat trailers. It features a soft coating that will not leave any scratches on your wheels or rims.

Moreover, the handle is anti-slip to give you a firm grip. Its lightweight nature ensures that you will not strain as you carry it around. The vibrant red and yellow colors combo make it highly visible by day or night. There will be no sleepless nights with this clamp.

Features and Specifications

  • Number of keys included: 3.
  • Adjust to fit wheels from 6 ¾ to 10 ½ inches.
  • Material: Steel.
  • Standout feature: Anti-slip handle.

What We Like

  • Consumes less storage space.
  • Portable.
  • Universal applications.

What We Don’t Like

  • Some buyers have complained about the keys breaking.


Click to Learn More / Buy from Amazon


Goplus Anti-Theft Security Wheel Lock Tire Clamp

Goplus Wheel Lock Tire Trailer Auto Car Truck Anti-Theft Security Towing Tire Clamp

This formidable looking wheel clamp is enough to deter any thief from coming close to your vehicle. It is made of A3 steel, known for its strength, durability, and ability to withstand extreme weather.

As with other clamps listed here, it’s soft coated to ensure no damage comes to your wheels or rims. Its mix of yellow and silver are a refreshing change from the red/yellow combo that is prevalent in wheel clamps.

It is suitable for a number for vehicle types, from cars to trucks, ATV’s, RV’s, go karts, and many more. The locking lever features 16 holes that allow you to adjust the clamp to suit your needs.

Assembling the clamp is easy too. You only need to follow a few instructions, and then you’re good to go.

Features and Specifications

  • Number of included keys: 2.
  • Material: A3 Steel.
  • Fits tires from 13-15 inches.
  • Standout feature: 16-hole locking lever.

What We Like

  • Easy to store
  • Portable
  • Suitable for different types of vehicles.

What We Don’t Like

  • Requires some assembly.


Click to Learn More / Buy from Amazon


Toyota Genuine Accessories 00276-00900 Wheel Lock

TOYOTA Genuine Accessories 00276-00900 Wheel Lock

If you own a Toyota, you will be happy to know that your vehicle manufacturer also makes wheel locks. The best part about these is they’ve been designed to fit a wide range of Toyota models

Known for their strict engineering standards, you can expect these locks will be of good quality as well. They are resistant to conventional lock-removal tools and only respond to a single unique key.

One of the best things about these locks is they have been precision weight matched against the factory issue nut. This means that you will not have to rebalance your wheels after installation. The locks are made using an alloy with triple nickel chrome that resists corrosion and gives off a polished look.

Features and Specifications

  • Thread size: Not specified.
  • Number of locks in the package: Four plus one key.
  • Length: Not specified
  • Seat type: Flat.
  • Material: Alloy with triple nickel chrome finish.
  • Standout feature: Precision weight matching.

What We Like

  • Genuine Toyota parts.
  • Weight balanced, no need for rebalancing wheels.
  • Easy installation.

What We Don’t Like

  • Only works for Toyota models.


Click to Learn More / Buy from Amazon



The role played by wheel locks in security can’t be denied. Rather than leave your wheels and rims security to chance, invest in the best wheel locks you can find. We have shared some of the top locks available and so now the ball is in your court.

So, what will it be? Less than 100 bucks for a lock, or possibly hundreds of dollars and headaches due to theft?

As far as we’re concerned, the answer is clear. And after you buy, don’t forget to write down the unique code and store it somewhere safe, in case you ever need to replace the key.

Do you have any questions or comments? Leave them in the comment section below, we will answer every one.


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