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Best Windshield Repair Kits In 2020: Easily Do It Yourself!

There’s nothing more frustrating than cracked glass on your vehicle, especially on your windshield. The worst part is that you can be as cautious as possible, but somehow still end up with damage.

For example, gravel from a construction truck on the highway can easily cause windshield damage, and that’s certainly not something you can be in control of.

If you don’t have a garage to store your car and aren’t using something to protect it such as a good, full protection car cover, nasty weather can sometimes be the culprit.

Cracked windshield from the outside

A full replacement should be a last resort option, after you’ve tried everything else and can’t seem to solve the problem. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, we’ve detailed some of the best windshield repair kits on the market in this article for you to choose from.

By the end of this article, you’ll know all about how these kits work and the benefits of using one, what important features to look for and considerations to keep in mind when shopping around for a windshield repair kit, as well as when it’s best to consult a professional rather than try to do it yourself.

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What is a Windshield Repair Kit? And How Does It Work?

The name is self-explanatory, really. These products include all the tools you’ll need to repair your damaged windshield at home, instead of having to take your car to a professional for windshield repairs. They’re most useful to stop windshield cracks from spreading and touching up small chips, rather than repairing large damaged areas.

The majority of these products include resin and application equipment. Resins are viscous substances that can be organic (e.g. from trees) or synthetic. They’re used as sealants in various applications, including automotive products.

The resin is applied directly to the cracked glass. Through a combination of pressure and vacuuming, it bonds to the fracture and seals it. Usually, the more pressure the applicator can apply, the better results you’ll get.

Pressure is what will force the sealant into the nooks and crannies of the break. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a partial glass repair.

The repaired glass is then cured by exposure to UV light or air. How long it takes to dry will largely depend on the specific product being used – it could be anywhere from 10 minutes to half an hour (curing time may even be longer in certain cases).

The last step is to remove any excess product and burnish it for a clean look. Some windshield repair kits even include a razor blade you can use to slice away extra resin.

Types of Glass in Windshields

Before we go any further with this, it’s important to quickly go over the different types of glass in windscreens.

The earliest windshields were made of plain glass, similar to the window glass in your home. As you may have already guessed by now, this didn’t last for long, as it proved to be a bad idea.

This type of material is fragile and can shatter at random if broken – and by random, we mean you can’t control how it breaks.

You could end up with small shards or large, dangerous jags. In the event of an accident, fragments of all sizes could hit the driver and passengers, very possibly leading to serious injuries.

Nowadays, most automobiles use something sturdier—laminated (or safety) glass. The laminated film is typically made of resins and plastics, some of which may be polymerized.

Polyvinyl butal (PVB) is often the plastic of choice, simply because of the many advantageous features it has. It’s clear, water-resistant and tough, and this same plastic can be found as a component in bulletproof glass.

Polymerized compounds are those that have been altered to enhance their properties. For instance, polymerizing a substance can make it stronger or more elastic.

Standard glass is still present nowadays, but tends to be sandwiched between these laminated layers. These varieties are built to be resilient.

If struck by something, it may shatter into tiny fragments. Comparatively, traditional window glass can break into large, dangerous shards.

Another method of producing contemporary windshields is through heat treatments. Glass is exposed to extreme temperatures—approximately 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit – and the super-heated material is then chilled.

The finished product is roughly six times as strong as it used to be. Similar to laminated windshields, glass which is heat-treated will shatter into granules that are blunt rather than sharp when it breaks.

Whether laminated or tempered, the purpose is the same: to enhance safety. And there’s no doubt about it, cars and trucks with this type of glass are definitely safer. The risk of grave injury with these types is significantly less than with vehicles of the past.

Here’s a video demonstrating how automotive safety glass holds up under impact:


What Are Windshield Repair Kits Made Of?

Items included in these packages aren’t always the same, and it’s likely to differ depending on the manufacturer.

There are differences not only in the included components—but the materials these items are made of can also vary.

Generally speaking, though, you’ll get the following items when you purchase a DIY windshield repair kit.


This is arguably the most important part of any windscreen repair kit. With that being said, don’t expect to get an industrial-strength resin in these kits like the ones used in safety glass manufacturing.

The quality of resin can vary based on the brand. It will typically be a mix of different compounds: polyester, epoxy, urethane, and alkyd are just a few examples.

To be useful for this repair job, the resin must be capable of several things:

  • It should prevent the fissure from growing larger.
  • It shouldn’t be toxic to your windshield.
  • It shouldn’t leave a residue.
  • The substance has to be weather-resistant and refract light correctly. Otherwise, it could obscure your line of sight just as badly as the windshield crack that has been repaired.

Some resins are less viscous in consistency, and are optimal for filling in light scratches or very small chips. Others are of a heavier variety; these are best for chips or cracks that are deeper.


The adhesive is what will keep everything in place during the actual crack repair process.

Depending on the product you’re using, it could come in the form of a sheet or as suction cups.

If it’s a sheet, all you have to do is peel it off and attach it to the pedestal. Either way, you’ll have to clean the glass beforehand to ensure the suction cup or adhesive sticks correctly.


The applicator is used to apply the resin to the cracked glass.

The one usually supplied in windshield repair kits of today is usually a plastic syringe, but it might also be a bracket-like device with a tube to pour the sealant into.

Pressure Pedestal

The pedestal is placed over the break and then held there with the adhesive. There’s an opening to inject or pour the sealant through to the cracked glass.

The mechanism for applying pressure can be as simple as pushing air through a syringe, or it can be as advanced as screws that you tighten.

Cure Sheet

If the sealant takes time to dry, the kit will include cure sheets.

The sheet will protect the treated glass from getting dirty, and may also speed up the drying time.


A razor blade is included in most windshield crack repair kits nowadays, which you can use to remove excess product from the treatment site after the resin has dried.

It can also be used to pick out any loose glass from the crack or chip.

Different Types of Damage Your Windshield Can Sustain

There are a few common fractures that occur on windshield glass which you should know about. They’re named according to their appearance, which makes them simple to understand.

Note that the depth and size of each can vary, though.

After going through this section, you should be able to easily differentiate between them. This information will also help you choose the right product when you’re buying a windshield glass repair kit of your own.


Scratches almost always mean surface damage. The integrity of your glass isn’t compromised, but they’re still unsightly and can obscure vision – which puts your safety (and that of anyone else around you at the time) at great risk.


These are usually caused by small rocks that have bounced up from the road and hit the windshield.

As you may have already guessed by the name, they look sort of like a bullseye (think of a dart board). This is sort of circular, with a chip of glass missing from the point of impact.

From the driver’s view, it’ll look like a dark circle.


Star fractures consist of an impact point with cracks breaching away from it. The thin cracks resemble the points of a star.


Spider breaks don’t have a center chip like star fractures. They’re a collection of slim, hairline cracks, like the legs of a spider but without the body.


This looks like a partial bulls-eye. Whatever caused the crack didn’t hit the glass head-on, resulting in a half-moon shaped chip or scratch.


A crack is a break that’s just one line, although it may branch into new ones over time.

It could have occurred separately or it might have grown from a different break—e.g. a star.


Flowers are a centered chip with rounded breaks surrounding them. These look like the petals of a flower, hence the name.


Anything is possible with this sort of damage. You may end up with a combination of one or more of these varieties.

What Are The Benefits of Buying a Windshield Repair Kit?

There are multiple advantages to buying a DIY kit, most important of which we’ll be discussing in the following section.

Prepared For Accidents

To begin with, accidents that cause glass damage can happen to anyone at any time. Don’t think that this won’t happen to you just because you’re a good driver and are very careful on the road.

You can’t always protect your car from everything—unless you literally never take it out of the garage.

If your windshield sustains any damage, having a repair kit for it means you have the necessary tools to solve the issue quickly.

Think of it as the equivalent of a spare tire – you hope that you won’t need to use one, but you should always have one on hand just in case!

Stay Safe and Avoid Fines

In certain states, driving with broken glass on your car is illegal. Not only are you putting your own safety and that of others at risk, but you’re also getting into trouble with the authorities.

Since fractures in the wrong places can obscure your vision, or the glass is more likely to shatter, it could be very dangerous to drive around.

The good news? A speedy repair with one of these kits could save you from getting pulled over.

Improve Vehicle Appearance

Let’s face it: breaks in your windshield aren’t pretty. If you take pride in what your car looks like, it can be very frustrating to have to see them every day – not to mention how others will feel about them.

Most of us can’t afford to replace our windshields each and every time a minor fracture occurs, that would be way too costly.

With the right repair kit and assuming the damage isn’t all that serious, you won’t need a replacement – you can restore your glass and get it looking in nearly new condition again all on your own.

Save Money

As we’ve already talked about, new car windshields can cost a lot of money – especially if you’re doing this often.

So, why pay several hundred dollars at the auto shop (or more) when you can fix the problem for much less?

When is a Windshield Repair Kit Not the Best Choice?

There are a few scenarios where one of these kits won’t be of much help to you and your windshield’s situation.

In short, if the damage has progressed past a certain point, a repair kit isn’t worth it.

Separated or Missing Glass

If you’re missing a piece of your windshield, a replacement is in order.

The same goes for glass that’s hanging on by a thread. You might be able to stick it back into place temporarily, but it will likely fall out again.

Upcoming Inspection

If your vehicle is going to undergo an automotive inspection, a windshield chip repair kit might not cut it. The criteria can be strict—even the remnants of a crack can result in failure.

In this case, thoroughly review the inspection requirements for your vehicle and your state. Don’t waste your time trying to conceal a chip or crack which the inspector will fail your car for.

Multiple or Severe Cracks, Scratches, or Chips

These products are designed for minor to moderate repairs only. If your windshield is covered in large, deep fractures, you’ll be much better off replacing it altogether.

Shallow Fractures

You need to be able to apply the sealant into the break to fix it. If it’s shallow, such as a hairline crack, it will be hard to get resin into it.

By trying to force it (which you shouldn’t do), you may end up causing more of a mess than anything else.

Failed Repair

Perhaps you’ve already attempted to use a repair kit before to no avail.

If the section you tried to fix doesn’t look any better after you’re done working on it, it may be too far gone. In this case, you should at least consult with a professional before you use another at-home repair product.

How to Choose the Right Windshield Repair Kit

Before you start browsing around for some of the best windshield repair kits on the market today, there’s a few things you need to be aware of first before you make a purchase.

Assessing Windshield Damage

Get up close and personal with the break and assess it carefully. What sort of fracture is it—a bull’s eye? Star? Half moon? Measure the length and depth if you can.

Certain kits are more effective at fixing specific types of breaks – for example, cracks that don’t exceed a certain length or depth. You should pick a kit that’s capable of repairing the severity of damage you have, instead of a “one size fits all” sort of kit.

Don’t forget that some forms of breaks can’t be solved with these products, as we’ve talked about above. These include, for example, severe cracks or missing pieces of glass.

Also make sure you’ll have enough of the sealant to finish the job. If you want to tackle more than one fracture, a kit that includes a tiny tube might not cut it.


Is the glass you’re aiming to fix laminated or tempered? Ensure the product you buy is compatible with the windshield you have. Otherwise, you risk making things worse.

If you aren’t sure what you have, check your manual or give the dealership a call.

Cure Time and Requirements

For convenience, you want the cure time to be short.

This is especially important if you’re buying a kit in the event of a potential break while you’re on the road and want to get back driving as soon as possible. In these cases, you don’t want to wait around indefinitely for it to cure.

Be sure to review the cure requirements as well. Some brands require exposure to sunlight or a minimum temperature range to be effective. Depending on the climate in your area, this could be tricky to manage. If you don’t have a UV flashlight, you may need to get one.


How long is the repair expected to last for? Will it hold up to extremely hot or cold temperatures?

You don’t want to have to worry about the break getting worse after a couple of weeks or months.

Final Appearance

Ideally, the end result should look as if the original accident never happened.

A high-quality resin will blend in with your glass. A low-quality substance, on the other hand, may leave a visible film – or it might not refract light well, which can be distracting when driving in sunlight.

Ease of Use

Most of these products are straightforward to use. That being said, some are more user-friendly than others.

If you’re wary of the whole ordeal, look for a product with explicit instructions. Receiving a package with vague guidelines could make things more challenging, and possibly put you off the whole thing altogether if you were already feeling intimidated to begin with.

Personal preference comes into play here, too. Some people might not want to spend time aligning a pedestal to an adhesive sheet, for example. If this sounds irritating, you might want to choose a suction-cup adhesive model instead.

What’s Included

What comes in the package? You want to get your money’s worth, so a good rule of thumb is: the more accessories you get in the package, the better.

You don’t want to get started only to find out that you don’t have all the needed tools!

Does it come with a clear instruction manual? Are there any extras, such as a razor blade or a polishing cloth?

With that being said, you also don’t want to pay for a whole bunch of items you won’t use, just for the sake of it.

Best Windshield Repair Kit – A Detailed Look at Our Top Recommendations

Now that you’re familiar with what auto windshield repair kits are, how they work and the benefits they have to offer you and your vehicle, let’s take a detailed look at what we believe to be some of the best windshield repair kits of today.

Yoohe Car Windshield Repair Kit

YOOHE Car Windshield Repair Kit - Windshield Chip Repair Kit with Windshield Repair Resin for Fix Auto Glass Windshield Crack Chip Scratch

The Yoohe kit is ideal for repairing deeper fractures, such as bulls-eyes and half-moons. As long as the rupture is less than an inch in diameter, you can expect to get some results out of it.

One of the advantages this product has to offer is the thickness of the resin, as the two-milliliter bottle can be used on multiple repairs. You’ll also receive five curing sheets for this purpose (or just in case you make a mistake and need to use them).

A few drops will go further than you’d expect, and the thick quality is also what makes it suitable for chips with depth.

For those of you who happen to be short on time (or energy) for your windshield repair tasks, the application equipment is designed to save you time and effort.

Rather than a syringe applicator, you’ll get a suction-bracket. You set up the bracket to stick to your windshield and insert the sealant through the hole. The four suction cups will stick to the area surrounding the treatment site.

As long as you’ve cleaned your glass beforehand, the cups should stay secure, and you won’t have to worry about anything slipping around during the repair.

Once cured, the resin should blend into the rest of your glass, and you’ll find it difficult to locate the site of the fracture. Even in sunlight, it will appear transparent.

Manufacturer Specs and Feature List

  • Compatible with laminated windshields.
  • Suitable for breaks less than an inch in diameter.
  • Multi-use.
  • 20 to 30-minute cure time under UV light.


  • Bottle of resin (two milliliters/.07 fl oz).
  • Repair injector.
  • Sleeved razor blade.
  • Bracket with suction cups.
  • Five sheets of curing film.
  • Instruction manual.

What We Like

  • Bracket applicator allows for easy use.
  • End result is transparent.
  • Effective on rounded chips (e.g. bulls-eyes and half-moons).
  • Effectively stops damage from spreading.
  • Explicit instructions.
  • Generous quantity of resin.
  • Can be used on multiple breaks.
  • Hard to locate after repair, even in the sun.

What We Don’t Like

  • Sometimes, thick sealant might not flow into slimmer breaks (e.g. star fractures).
  • Must clean surrounding area thoroughly for suction cups.


Users who want to work on fixing larger breaks (or those with depth) and get their windshields looking all new again, might want to try the Yoohe kit.

The ease of use involved also makes it ideal for vehicle owners of all levels of expertise.

For a closer look at this product and to learn more about it, click the link below.


Click to Learn More / Buy from Amazon


Gliston Windshield Repair Kit

GLISTON Car Windshield Repair Kit for Chips and Cracks, Bulls-Eye, Star-Shaped, Nicks, Half-Moon Crescents

This heavy-duty product by Gliston is capable of tackling moderate to serious damage. It’s rated to seal breaks that are up to 12 inches long or up to one inch in diameter.

The sealant is able to repair a wide range of fractures. It can deal with common chips such as bulls-eyes, half-moons, and stars. It can also fix bending and radiating cracks, which are often more of a challenge.

The applicator is a bracket with four suction cups. The teeth in the center of the bracket are metal, meaning it won’t wear down with repeated use.

Applying the resin to the affected glass could really not be any easier – all you have to do is drop it in through the chamber attached to the bracket. The bottle is designed with a slim nozzle to make the task less of a hassle.

In sunlight, the cure time can take from five minutes to 20 minutes. Generally speaking, the bigger the area you’re treating, the longer it will take. If you’re working on smaller breaks, you could be finished with the whole repair in less than 10 minutes.

Five cure sheets and a razor blade are included with the package, and the razor blade includes a safety sleeve on one side so you won’t injure yourself.

Manufacturer Specs and Feature List

  • Compatible with laminated windshields.
  • Suitable for breaks up to one inch in diameter or 12 inches long.
  • Multi-use.
  • Five-minute to 20-minute cure time under UV light.


  • Bottle of resin (two milliliters/.07 fl oz).
  • Sleeved razor blade.
  • Suction bracket applicator with metal teeth.
  • Five sheets of curing film.
  • Instruction manual.

What We Like

  • Repairs almost all mild to moderate fractures.
  • Cures rapidly.
  • Simple to use.
  • Transparent finish.
  • Durable bracket.
  • Reusable, if enough resin is left over.

What We Don’t Like

  • Not the best for larger cracks or chips, as they may remain visible after treatment.


If you want a kit that can fix nearly all the mild to moderate windshield damage the road has to throw wants to test your car with, Gliston is a good choice. It also has a quick cure time in sunlight for those of you who dislike waiting around.

If it’s your first ever attempt at repairing a cracked windshield, however, a product with more comprehensive instructions could be a better option. Also, if you’re trying to fix some more serious windshield damage, you might need a more heavy-duty repair kit.

Find out if it’s suitable for your needs here.


Click to Learn More / Buy from Amazon


Permatex Windshield Repair Kit

Permatex 09103 Windshield Repair Kit

This Permatex kit is great to keep in your repair tool kit in case of accidents. This product will also suit users who want to prevent existing chips from escalating.

It’s effective on bulls-eye and similarly-formed chips, and it’ll work on damage measuring up to 1.25 inches. This is enough to help fix the majority of small hits your vehicle might sustain.

This single-use kit has everything you’ll need. Aside from the resin and all necessary application equipment, this includes some useful extras that will come in very handy at times.

You’ll receive a push-pin to pick any loose glass out, and there’s also an alcohol towelette to help clean your glass and ensure the adhesive sticks firmly.

If you’re intimidated by all the equipment, don’t worry – the instruction manual is comprehensive and easy to grasp, and you’ll have step-by-step guidelines to follow to ensure you get the job done right.

If you want to keep it on hand for emergencies, you may want to buy more than one kit, though. The bottle of resin will fill in one moderate-sized bulls-eye or several tiny chips.

Manufacturer Specs and Feature List

  • Available as a single kit or a pack of six.
  • Single-use.
  • Compatible with laminated windshields.
  • Suitable for breaks up to 1.25 inches in diameter.


  • Bottle of resin (0.025 ounces/0.7ml).
  • Pedestal.
  • Adhesive disc.
  • Syringe and plunger.
  • Push pin.
  • Sleeved razor blade.
  • Alcohol wipe.
  • Instruction manual.

What We Like

  • Includes cleaning wipe.
  • Comprehensive instructions.
  • Effective at stopping cracks from spreading.
  • Turns damage nearly invisible.
  • Long-lasting.

What We Don’t Like

  • Usually, there’s enough materials for only one repair.
  • Total treatment and cure time might sometimes be a long wait.


If your automobile falls victim to bulls-eye damage, the Permatex package is a great solution to consider, as it’s specifically formulated to repair these types of fractures.

It also does a good job at preventing damage from spreading.

Interested in keeping a kit—or six—readily available? Click the link below.


Click to Learn More / Buy from Amazon


Blue Star Windshield Repair Kit

Blue-Star Windshield Repair Kit, .027 fl oz

This repair kit by Blue Star is also a single-use product. You can keep one or more in your car or garage for convenience purposes.

It’s ideal for those of you who frequently drive on roads where chunks of rock can hit your car, such as roads often traveled by construction trucks.

All the required equipment is in the box. This includes a sleeved razor blade to remove excess sealant at the end, and a yellow sheet of Mylar curing film. It should also be noted that the color of the curing film is a nice touch—it’s certainly easier to see on clear glass.

The detailed instruction sheet will cover the whole process for you, so it’s not as annoying as other windshield repair kits with confusing instruction sheets that are anything but helpful. In fact, it includes clear photos so you’ll know exactly how to set each step up.

The included resin is made for filling in deeper chips. It works on bulls-eye, half-moon, and flower fractures. This sealant is also an excellent preventative, and it will help keep existing chips from growing larger or developing cracks.

An added bonus is that the results are long-lasting. If you work with this repair kit as you’re supposed to, you can expect to not have to treat your windshield again for a long time to come.

If the chip you’re treating is on the smaller side, you’ll barely know it’s there once the repair is complete.

Larger breakage might still remain visible, though. With that being said, a residual dot is better than the risk of the fracture spreading over time.

This product is more about avoiding further damage rather than aesthetics.

Manufacturer Specs and Feature List

  • Suitable for bulls-eyes, flowers, and half-moons.
  • Single-use.
  • Cures in UV light.


  • Tube of resin (0.027 fl oz/0.8 ml).
  • Plunger.
  • Alignment adhesive.
  • Pedestal.
  • Resin chamber.
  • Sheet of Mylar curing film.
  • Razor blade.
  • Instruction manual.

What We Like

  • Effectively stops breaks from spreading.
  • Long-lasting results.
  • Detailed and easy to follow instructions.
  • Turns smaller chips and cracks almost invisible.
  • Perfect for cars who regularly suffer windshield damage.

What We Don’t Like

  • Single usage kit.
  • Not very effective on linear cracks.


Motorists at risk of getting windshield chips would certainly benefit from keeping a Blue Star kit (or two) in stock, ready to use as soon as it happens.

This simple-to-use product does a great job at stopping breaks from getting worse.

You can learn more about it at the following link.


Click to Learn More / Buy from Amazon


Rain-X Windshield Repair Kit

RainX Fix a Windshield Do it Yourself Windshield Repair Kit, for Chips, Cracks, Bulll's-Eyes and Stars

If your windshield is marked with several minor to moderate breaks, consider Rain-X.

The sealant is formulated to work on all types of common fractures, which includes rounded breaks such as bulls-eye and half-moon chips.

It’s rated to work on chips one inch in diameter or smaller, and Rain-X can also mend cracks up to 12 inches long.

The sealant has a thin consistency, meaning you’ll get multiple uses out of a single kit. You’ll receive extra cure sheets for this purpose too.

The detailed manual that comes with this kit makes it appropriate for all users. Every step is outlined with images and lengthy, descriptive guidelines. If you’re less than confident in your own abilities or have never done anything like this before all on your own, you’re not likely to go wrong with these clear instructions.

Another positive feature of this product is that it inhibits the spread of breaks very well. This is an important quality, particularly if you have cracks that are close to the 12-inch limit this kit can work on. A transparent finish is pleasant, but isn’t worth much if the problem gets worse!

Manufacturer Specs and Feature List

  • Compatible with all laminated windshields.
  • Suitable for bulls-eyes, stars, and chips not more than one inch in diameter.
  • Appropriate for cracks not more than 12 inches long.
  • Multi-use.
  • Cures in UV light.


  • Bottle of resin (one gram/0.035 oz).
  • Bracket with suction cups.
  • Resin chamber.
  • Pressure driver.
  • Curing strips.
  • Sleeved razor blade.
  • Instruction manual.

What We Like

  • Enough resin for multiple breaks.
  • Fixes cracks as well as chips.
  • Clear finish.
  • Reusable.
  • Prevents fractures from growing.
  • Easy to follow instructions.
  • Easy to use.
  • Long-lasting.

What We Don’t Like

  • Tends to work better on chips than long cracks.


If you want a high-quality solution that does a good job for all sorts of breaks, but particularly chips, you’ll appreciate Rain-X.

Those of you who might feel intimidated working on repairing your own windshield will also feel reassured with the thoroughly detailed guidelines.

To purchase this multi-usage product, click here.


Click to Learn More / Buy from Amazon


ARSID Car Windshield Repair Kit

ARISD Car Windshield Repair Kit – Windshield & Glass Repair Tool Set for Half-Moon Cracks or The Combination Cracks

This product by ARSID is designed for multiple fixes. The package includes two adhesive sheets and five curing film sheets.

In direct sunlight, the resin should be dry in about 15 minutes or less. Those of you who live in sunnier climates can have the whole job finished in roughly half an hour.

The resin formula is highly effective at mending smaller chips, too. Half-moons, bulls-eyes, and similar types should be gone after treatment.

If you have minor chips and you need your windshield flawless (e.g. for inspection), this could be a great product for you.

It can also fix spider and bending cracks. Aside from filling in these unsightly breaks, the sealant will stop the tendrils from spreading out. Slimmer cracks may turn completely invisible, and larger ones will – at the very least – be much less noticeable.

Manufacturer Specs and Feature List

  • Compatible with all laminated windshields.
  • Suitable for spider cracks, bending cracks, and chips (bulls-eye, half-moon, etc).
  • Multi-use.
  • Cures in UV light within 15 minutes. May require up to one hour on cloudy days.


  • Bottle of resin (two milliliters/.07 fl oz).
  • Pedestal.
  • Two adhesive sheets.
  • Five curing film sheets.
  • Application plunger.
  • Sleeved razor blade.
  • Instruction manual.

What We Like

  • Quick cure time.
  • User-friendly system.
  • Turns small chips nearly invisible.
  • Stops fractures spreading.
  • Works on cracks as well as chips.

What We Don’t Like

  • Deeper cracks and chips may remain visible, so you might need a more suitable product to work with for those.


This product is good for reducing the appearance of minor to moderate damage on your glass. If you have tiny breaks that you want gone, the ARSID windshield repair kit could be right for you.

Check it out for yourself at the link below.


Click to Learn More / Buy from Amazon



We hope you’ve found the right product for your needs among that list of some of the best windshield repair kits on the market today!

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t keep one of these around in case of misfortune, even if you don’t really need one right this minute. As we’ve established, a chip or a crack can happen to anyone on the road – and it won’t give you any warning before it happens, nor will it ask for your permission first.

Repairing these small fractures and chips as early as possible can avoid serious escalation over time.

At the same time, be realistic about the condition of your glass, and know that a replacement is the better choice (and probably inevitable) if severe damage has occurred.


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From childhood go karting and motocross, to collecting and obsessing over scalextric, matchbox and radio controlled cars, I've always had an obsession with cars. Learning through manuals, books, trial and error, and more knowledgeable family members, I've also enjoyed tinkering with the mechanics and electronics of any vehicles I've owned. Now, over 3 decades later, I've started this site as a place for me to share my knowledge, to teach others how to care for and maintain their vehicles themselves, at home, so they can get the most of their vehicles and save a pretty penny compared to always seeking out professional help.

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